Equiom opens Dubai office

The new DIFC office is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority and will promote trust and fiduciary services for clients including high-net-worth individuals, family offices and corporations.


Investment opportunities in the islands

Whether or not the rally can be sustained is yet to be seen, but the sharp upswing demonstrates the potential for smaller markets to make progress under the right set of circumstances.


Swedbank’s Shady Business in Estonia

In just one period of over six month, Wireberg sent $98.7 million to Formus’ Swedbank account in at least 161 transfers for “electronic equipment.”


All At Sea - The misguided war on offshore financial centres

The law enjoyed cross-party support and was advertised as an attempt to combat financial crime. But, since these countries had already entered into data sharing agreements with the British authorities, including the police and Her Majesty’s Revenue


Arthur criticises Government’s EU move

Late last year, the Mottley administration moved to bring all registered companies tax rates on par with its low tax rate on offshore businesses domiciled here.


Fishy Brexiteers

Shady dealings are starting to look like corruption


Singapore roundtable: A money magnet

Our panel discussed why the Singapore Variable Capital Company makes them bullish, what gives the onshore jurisdiction an offshore feel and “blood on the streets” from China’s slowdown.


“Dirty” money

The main goal of money laundering is to legitimize the use or disposal of funds obtained illegally


Cayman Islands Campaign Pushes Surreal 'Dream'

To further extend this surreal theme, the new TV commercial jingle is a reimagined version of “Beyond the Sea,” sung by local Caymanian Sarah McTaggart,who gives the song a dreamy, breathy vibe.