Jersey Private Fund figures show strong growth

The latest figures also show that the total value of regulated fund assets serviced in Jersey grew to a record level of £365.6bn in the third quarter of 2020, up 7% year on year.


Jersey and Guernsey’s credit ratings remain unchanged

The review is part of the cyclical six-monthly assessment process and in its report S&P notes that its ratings are based on Jersey’s “strong and flexible institutions, wealthy economy and considerable fiscal buffers”.


Economy predicted to recover 3.2% this year

Standard and Poor’s has predicted that Jersey’s covid-hit economy will recover by 3.2% in 2021 as islanders get vaccinated, and business activity properly restarts.


Guernsey: Agility in a time of crisis

The pandemic has also catalysed interest in the much-vaunted green sector as lockdowns have reemphasised the value of the natural world.


The Emergence Of Family Offices In Mauritius

Very wealthy families are having recourse to family offices more and more as concerns around wealth preservation, family disputes, succession planning and the complexity of managing the family affairs are intensifying.