Guide to Foundations in Guernsey - Appleby

This Guide is intended to provide basic inform ation needed to answer questions on Guernsey foundations and the migration of foreign law foundations to Guernsey.


Guide to Taking Security in Guernsey - Appleby

Insolvency is a major commercial risk. Prudent cred itors are able to protec t themselves against the potential risk of a debtor’s insolvency by taking security, thereby obtaining priority over other creditors.


Guide to registration of banks in Guernsey

Banking entities in Guernsey offer a range of services including retail banking services for local people, services for high net worth individuals and corporate banking services.


India a drag on world's largest sovereign wealth fund

'Sorted by country, US and German stocks contributed most to the excess return, while investments in Japan and India made the largest negative contributions…' said the latest quarterly report of the fund which manages in excess of $700 bi


Norway’s $740 Billion Oil Fund May Be Restructured

“You could split it either on getting different handlers to compete better, or have different objectives for your investments in different funds. We’re going to explore it, develop and see if it’s a good idea.”