EPOC Fears Growth Will Slow

The Jamaican economy is expected to grow 1.3 per cent to 1.5 per cent for fiscal year 2019-20, which is a percentage lower than projected, because of contraction in agriculture.


Cayman’s economy grew 3.3% in 2018

A total of 2.4 million tourists visited the Cayman Islands in 2018, as stayover visitor numbers grew 10.7% and cruise passengers increased 11.1%.


ICECAP extends to Mauritius

Mauritius continues to be one of the leading international finance centres for foreign investment into Africa


Cat Bond Market "Here to Stay" Despite 2019 Lull

“The people who are approaching this differently are the people who are getting closer to the risk, and as a result, they have access to more risk, and they can structure it in different ways.”


Private Equity In Ireland 2019

A noticeable trend over the last 12 months has been the increase in the number of secondary buyouts which historically had not been a common feature of the Irish PE landscape.