Reasons why Guernsey’s going green

Green finance, Guernsey Green Finance, is about financing climate change mitigation projects. It is Guernsey’s contribution to global good.


PartnerRe posts $497m first-quarter profit

Dividends declared and paid to common shareholders for the quarter were $80 million compared to $48 million for the first quarter of 2018, the company said.


Bermuda secures A+ ratings and positive outlook from S&P

S&P also explained that the positive outlook reflects Bermuda having a ‘one-in-three’ chance of a ratings upgrade by one notch in the next year if it continues to sustain the improvements in economic growth and fiscal prudence.


'Critical Surgery' For Bahamian Economy

He called for the private sector to lead the charge for higher GDP growth, and warned that "market forces need to be in play" if The Bahamas is to achieve the faster expansion necessary to make a serious dent in the stubborn double-digit unemplo


2-REG aircraft registry reaches 500 aircraft

2-REG is an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) registry, well-recognised around the world for accommodating all aircraft categories, including commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters, and general aviation.