Bermuda captive conference goes virtual

John Huff, president and chief executive of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR), said: “Resilience is in Bermuda’s DNA, as the home to some of the largest international insurers and reinsurers."


Cryptoasset insurer licensed in Bermuda

It lends itself well to understanding the risks of the industry and providing much needed coverage to the digital asset businesses that choose to make Bermuda their home.


Aztec and Ferbrache support fund closings

Aztec Group’s private equity team in Guernsey, led by Associate Director Matt Chick and Client Relationship Manager Maria Guinness-Browne, supported Lakestar with the set-up of the funds, and will provide ongoing administration and accounting servic


Island leads region in contactless payments

The increasing use of “tap and pay” and contactless payments, where a card is put near a device at a checkout and completes a payment transaction without the need for a PIN number or the card owner’s signature, is important, Ms Smith sai


Skipton International introduces video onboarding

“We use every opportunity to connect and make a good impression with our customers and we hope that this new fast and efficient system will make saving with Skipton easier than ever before."


Cayman Proposes virtual Assets Framework

The Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Bill 2020 (“VASP Bill”) is the latest legislative development in Cayman’s ambition to become a global technology hub.