Global fintech firm relocates HQ to St Helier

The company gathers and standardises investor relations websites into a single format and source, giving investors and analysts free access to information about companies via their smartphones.


What’s New in FinTech

Related to that is a willingness and recognition that shared next-generation technology platforms can make a big difference within and across institutions to create network value.


Arrow Capital selected Axia for their wealth management operations

Axia is an advanced web-based investment management platform that is continuously being enriched with new and innovative tools, offering a competitive user experience across functions, creating added value to the Firm’s internal operations, client-f


Embracing digital technology in banking

This is because most developing countries do not have legacy systems to migrate from, thus, they basically start from the ground up with the best technology available on the day.


Malta To Get A Blockchain Bank

Speaking exclusively to CCN, Psaila commented that when operative, the Bank planned to bring back proper banking services to clients.