Latest Guernsey Green Fund focuses on onshore wind farms

It is the manager’s third Guernsey fund, having previously launched a similar UK onshore wind fund and a fund focused on industrial water treatment, waste to energy and resource recovery infrastructure projects.


ESG: how can clients avoid 'greenwashing'?

Transnational initiatives have also been put forward recently in an effort to both harmonise and clarify the nature, breadth and scope of ESG principles and assist multi-governmental efforts aiming to apply them domestically in a coherent manner.


Collective Commitment to Climate Action

Working together and supporting each other in developing each bank’s capabilities and the necessary methodologies to measure climate impact and alignment with global and local climate goals.


Islands of climate ambition

Small island developing states like ours are barometers of the world’s commitment to climate action and sustainable development.


Guernsey’s growing green ecosystem

Separately, Environmental & Social Impact Monitor (ESIM) is a not-for-profit accreditation service for island businesses, looking to contribute to Guernsey being recognised as a leading centre for green and sustainable business and finance. It rates b


The route to going green

The GFSC endorses international standards known as the Common Principles for Climate Mitigation Finance Tracking.