ESG Investing in Bermuda

In keeping with this forward thinking approach, The Bermuda Stock Exchange launched an ESG initiative in 2019 to promote the World Federation of Exchanges’ five Sustainability Principles


Bermuda’s role in closing the protection gap

Climate change is expected to exacerbate that situation, as warmer temperatures and rising sea levels contribute to an increasing frequency of storms, heavy rainfall, heatwaves and wildfires.


The blue economy

Humanity's relationship with the sea is changing, offering new business opportunities in the process.


ESG weathering the storm of Covid-19

A failure to consider long-term sustainability and contributions to decarbonisation, protection of local ecosystems and biodiversity could set us back by decades in achieving our Paris Agreement goals.


The changing face of sustainability

Justin Hallett, Executive Director at BDO in Guernsey, considers the future for sustainable finance after the coronavirus pandemic.