Jersey’s COVID Alert App has launched

As a close-knit community we are encouraging as many people as possible to download the app to protect their colleagues, their family and their community.”


Fidelity 'Holding Our Own' On $7.5m Half-Year Profit

Suggesting that the rise was minimal when set against the bank’s total $400m loan portfolio, he added that Fidelity was confident this was a “real” figure and “not masked” by the sort of blanket payment deferral initiative in


Island opportunity as wealthy flee cities

A number of international families are deciding to also travel less and have selected one destination this year to stay put for six months or up to a year, to avoid the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in their home town and usual vacation spots like the Hamp


COVID-19: Resilience and strategic thinking

In conclusion, sustainable success over the long term requires a careful balance of applying due considerations to a variety of sometimes competing priorities.


Trustees and investing at the time of COVID-19

Trustees should also look to ensure that their Investment Policy Statement is up to date and that time horizons (and tax considerations) have not altered since the statement was last looked at.