Panama Papers tax haul tops $143 million

An Australian Taxation Office spokesman said the organisation had worked with the cross-government Serious Financial Crime Taskforce to analyse and cross-check data obtained by authorities in April 2016.


New vehicle tax to boost funding for environment?

This, he said, could include a vehicle taxation system of £100 a year, which he said could generate as much as £15 million for the government to put into other environmental initiatives.


UK Inheritance Tax Reform: lessons from Europe

As for the connecting factors based on where to charge IHT, most European countries use either the situs of the assets or the residence of the donor (and more rarely the residence of the donee) as the connecting factor to charge succession or donation tax


Economic substance in the Cayman Islands

The Guidance clarifies that the TIA will regard mutual and private funds registered with or licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), pursuant to the Mutual Funds Act (2020 Revision) or the Private Funds Act, 2020 respectively, as "in