Withholding Tax Changes For Swiss Debt Issuance

While many industrialised countries have abolished WHTs on bonds issued to international investors (ultimately maintaining the competitiveness of their domestic issuers), Switzerland still levies a 35% federal interest WHT on certain types of collective d


Tax hope

This resulted in the OECD’s FHTP announcing at the end of January that Barbados was no longer under threat of a negative listing.


No double VAT

Government has spoken to the 12 main online payment processing services including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express to advise them of the products that attracted VAT so they could apply at checkout, the economist said.


Don’T Tax Us Into Oblivion’ On Public Pension Deficit

The IMF has for several years, with increasing urgency, been prodding the Government to address the multi-billion dollar liability it and Bahamian taxpayers face as a result of unfunded civil service pension liabilities.


Where next with the EU tax blacklist?

The EU Code of Conduct Group, which was tasked with assessing third countries, used the country-by-country financial statements of European banks