Google South Africa’s tax mystery

The scheme used by Google, dubbed Double Irish, is a “base erosion and profit shifting” corporate tax tool used by US multinationals to avoid corporate taxation on their international profits.


End To Tax Preferences ‘Bites’ Exchange Control

While there was no mystery about how the Government intended to bring IBCs and the other three named products into compliance with the EU’s demands, he added that “of lesser clarity is the intended effect of the fairly general language”


How tax reform in Costa Rica will affect your business

A 2% tax will be levied on medical products, raw materials and machinery used for production, insurance premiums, purchase and sale of university issued products. Basic food necessities from a specific list will be charged a 1% tax.


Seoul to crack down on offshore tax evasion

Under the change, holders of, or those who have de facto control over an overseas financial account with 500 million won ($446,000) or more in countries with which Korea has no tax treaties, will no longer be able to avoid regular tax filings.