Guernsey funds association rebrands

GIFA’s new Chairman Christopher Jehan said the new name better reflected the firms and individuals GIFA now represents following the merger.


Public registers showdown can be avoided

The Bermuda Government has opposed that ever since, on the grounds that if other countries are not required to do it, it would cause the island economic damage.


Jersey and Bahrain sign digital innovation agreement

The agreement will see Jersey and Bahrain working to promote the benefits of businesses operating in each other’s locations, further collaboration of women in the sector, and an opportunity for members of Digital Jersey and Bahrain FinTech Bay to us


Answering the call to combat financial fraud

For the purveyors of technology-assisted financial crimes, identity, account access, and payment data are the golden keys that open the door to these organizations’ proverbial bank vaults.


$7.8m Caught In Payment Frauds

This is then copied on to a blank card’s magnetic strip, enabling thieves to steal a person’s identity and make purchases or withdraw cash in the actual account holder’s name.


Substance is key for family offices

The independent research, commissioned by Guernsey Finance and carried out by consultancy Gibson Strategy in February and March this year, interviewed family offices, high net worth families and corporate service providers.