Imf's 'Well-Managed' Financial Contraction Findings Premature

The International Monetary Fund, in a paper accompanying its full Article IV report on the Bahamas, suggested that the financial services sector’s economic impact had “remained broadly stable” despite a 65 per cent contraction in bank an



Professionals in the industry are now calling on the government to address these matters with a sense of urgency as the employment of thousands of Bahamians is at stake.


Buy Your Citizenship With Bitcoin

The arrangement particularly benefits wealthy people from the most «troubled» countries, such as in Eastern Europe or Asia and Latin America.


UK Residential Properties 1 April 2017 valuations

The effect of this valuation requirement is that from 1 April 2018, in some cases, a UK residential property may shift to the higher (or possibly lower) ATED band, leading to an increased (or decreased) ATED charge.