Local banks and dirty $$ dealings

Those currency trades involving alleged dirty money were done through several local banks which have come under scrutiny of US prosecutors investigating a US$150 million world football bribery scheme.


Growing case backlog for financial regulator

Suspicious activity reports are used by many government and financial institutions to try to identify money laundering, terrorist funding, drug trafficking and other financial crimes.


The Gibraltar FSC signs MoU with the Guernsey FSC

The MoU will serve as a formal agreement to strengthen co-operation between the two supervisory authorities, providing a gateway to exchange information and increase investigative assistance between the two organisations.


GFSC consults on the regulation of personal pension schemes

The paper has been developed at the request of HM Government of Gibraltar and is designed to support the further development of the market for personal pensions and ensure that personal pensions continue to be subject to appropriate regulation and investo


Bermuda banking sector changes underway

Bermuda’s government is looking to restructure its banking industry as it seeks to make the jurisdiction even more attractive to the international re/insurance industry and also help improve the island’s unemployment rates.