Crypto’s Rise in 2021: Changing the Banking Landscape

A recent news story about inadequate payment infrastructure within the local court system is evidence of this reality.

A new breed of bank is rising up in 2021, as crypto’s gatekeepers cave to institutional demand.

Launch new wealth and investment products, compliant with the latest regulations in a matter of days

How organizations have progressed in their digital transformations over the past two years

By integrating CyberCube’s risk model alongside other natural catastrophe models within its CAT Platform, SCOR has further expanded its catastrophe modeling capabilities.

After so many years, the question of Tether’s backing continues to raise questions among the crypto community despite the companies’ several attempts to clarify the situation.

While this is widely accepted, investors still want to protect themselves when they purchase or cash out bitcoin.

The Bahamas is the first country in the world to officially launch a central bank digital currency beyond a pilot program, ahead of China and several other countries.

By utilising UWPal, Pandora platform users can experiment with faster, go-to-market products without the need for in-house underwriting or significant IT resource capacity

Emerging markets fund manager selects SS&C services for new launch

The tokenization of assets is expanding rapidly.

It has been approved by the FMA in Liechtenstein to provide services such as custody and exchange for cryptocurrency and digital assets.

FSL has transformed the time-consuming, labour-intensive task of identifying funds and determining tax liabilities into a simpler, streamlined process.

With this latest phase of the ‘digital revolution’ gathering pace during the pandemic, Zoom alone has increased the number of users of its online communications platform from 10 million to over 300 million.

While the situation should be kept under review, the temporary arrangement preserves the status quo, such that it is not currently necessary to implement data transfer mechanisms such as Standard Contractual Clauses in respect of data transfers to the UK.

Businesses and individuals who have already selected a digital payments provider can expect that the Sand Dollar will be available within the same environment in which they have enrolled, once their providers complete systems upgrades.

“This is the big one,” said Pär Brumark, the Swedish domains expert who is leading a delegation on behalf of the tiny Pacific island.

One of the three companies it is winding up, Facebook International Holdings I Unlimited Company, recorded revenue of $30bn two years ago, when global turnover at the social media giant was $56bn.

Corporate governance will remain high on the agenda, with the MFSA seeking to add fresh impetus to suitability and board effectiveness assessments.

Customers will only be required to have one face-to-face appointment with a Retail Business Banking specialist in order to complete the process.