Unmasking Football Leaks: How Fan and Regulatory Voices Are Drowned Out

The Football Leaks revelations show how little the views of fans and regulators matter

The idea is to identify potential frauds by analysing publicly-available data on individuals’ social media accounts, Darmanin said, according to excerpts of the show to be broadcast on Sunday.

The country’s government which is reportedly looking forward to using blockchain technology to get rid of corruption

Not defined as shell companies are holding companies of entities engaged in legitimate businesses and that have identifiable ultimate beneficial owners.

As demand for residency or citizenship in EU member states grows, the golden visa schemes are under intense scrutiny from regulators for making it too easy for organized crime figures, tax-evaders, and people whose wealth cannot be easily explained to ge

The document – Key aspects in relation to proposed economic substance requirements, as issued by Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey – will give practical help on how the proposed law will be implemented.

Study reveals weaknesses in controlling cash movements at ports of entry

One of the key areas within the document relates to companies in some instances being given the choice to disclose commission either as a percentage of the investment or a monetary amount.

Preparations should be well underway, to assess and ascertain the FATCA compliance status of your organisation.

Although excluded persons were always subject to anti-money laundering and combating terrorism financing regulations, the new obligations are tightening up the somewhat laissez-faire excluded persons regime.

An offshore matter is where the potential loss of tax is charged on

This includes the transfer of individual influence in existing wealth-holding structures.

The total number of licenses issued for the period is down year-on-year, where there were seven new Class B formations in Q3 2017, including two third-party insurers.

Money spent on ‘human dynamics training,’ Professor Fibre, and more

Labuan will see restructuring in tax treatment and new conditions come to force on transactions involving entities from the offshore and mid-shore centre as well as abolishment of current conditions.

Where a TOS refers to the “applicable law”, it is a good idea to find out what that applicable law may be.

Whilst the Electronic Transactions Law was drafted with a degree of “future proofing” in mind, and is arguably sufficient to encompass many of the uses of technology that exist today, the certainty that the new legislation will bring is to be

Under the UK’s Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds law British regulated businesses are obliged to “take into account geographical risk factors” when assessing risk and the extent of anti-money laundering measures

The new legislation will permit the formation of a contract by the interaction of electronic agents

The beneficial ownership regime does not directly apply to “foreign” companies or partnerships, but the bill would now extend it to LLPs.